The following is the introduction to the full text, developed by the coordinating proposer Johan Schot (Eindhoven), with input from the co-proposers HÃ¥kon With Anderson (Trondheim), Robert Bud (London), Albert Carreras (Barcelona), Martin Daunton (Cambridge), Patrick Fridenson (Paris), Victoria de Grazia (New York), Pascal Griset (Paris), Hartmut Kaelble (Berlin), Arne Kaijser (Stockholm), Luda Klusakova (Prague), Ruth Oldenziel (Amsterdam), Helmut Trischler (Munich).

Presentation of the theme made by Johan Schot, Arne Kaijser, Pascal Griset and Ruth Oldenziel to European funding agencies in December 2005.

Full text of the original EUROCORES Theme proposal
submitted to ESF and recommended for development by the EUROCORES Committee in September 2005.

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