OMLL Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs)

The cultural self-organisation of cognitive grammar

Language and genes of the greater Himalayan Region

From symbols to language. The archaeology of the origin of language and early diversification of languages

Action, gesture and words in a development and evolutionary perspective

Early diffusion of domestic bovids in the Middle East and Europe: transmission of animals, transfer of technical knowledge

The berber and the Berber: genetic and linguistic diversity

Categorical perception and its role in the evolution of language

Orofacial control in communication in human and non-human primates

Mindreading and the emergence of human communication

Shared mechanisms for speech and gesture recognition?

The prehistory of Amazonian languages: Ecological and cultural processes underlying linguistic differentiation

East meets West. Linguistic and genetic comparison of modern Eurasian populations. A joint programme in anthropology, ethnology, linguistics and population genetics

The emergence of grammar in the brain: A comparative study of acquisition, processing and cortical organisation of the structural aspects of language in bilingual and monolingual populations

Pioneers of Island Melanesia: a joint project between British, Dutch, German and Swedish teams

Brain dynamics of language processing and acquisition

Early word segmentation and representation: psychological responses and electrophysiological correlates

Language, culture and genes in Bantu: a multidisciplinary approach of the Bantu-speaking populations of Africa

Comparison between processes in language acquisition by children and language evolution

Emergence and flow of gene lineages and languages along the steppe belt and beyond

The origins of primate semantic and syntactic abilities

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