International Conference “Future Clinical Trials for Adjuvant Treatment of Osteosarcoma - Prioritising the Questions”, Wellcome Collection, London (UK), 15-16 March 2010

The goal of this conference was to reflect on recent considerations, review pertinent questions and consider how best to work to address outstanding clinical questions. Nearly 50 participants (of which 30% women) from 14 European countries, Japan, United States and Australia were present including the EURAMOS Project Leader, Professor Stefan Bielack. The audience was a good mix between clinicians, trialists, statisticians, basic researchers, patients, ESF, EORTC and ECRIN officers, and representatives of osteosarcoma research groups from all over the world. Discussions focused on potential new therapies of osteosarcoma, design of the future EURAMOS-2 clinical trial, and possibilities of funding investigator-driven clinical trials in Europe.
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