EGU 2009


Biodiversity science in Europe: new tools and strategies (EuroDIVERSITY)

The session is aimed as a showcase for progress made during EuroDIVERSITY, and as a way for intra- and inter-project communication. Members of EuroDIVERSITY can get some financial support. Young researchers will be able to apply for travel grants.

Practical information:

Please find here the official invitation for the ESF sessions in EGU 2009, from 19-24 April 2009 in Vienna, AT.


Mini-symposium and Workshop "Methods for detecting assembly patterns in plant communities"

Place: Groningen, the Netherlands

Date: 22-24 January 2008

Organiser: Dr. Renée Bekker (ASSEMBLE)


Workshop on Theoretical Landscape Microbial Ecology

Place: University of Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 20-22 February 2008

Organiser: Dr. Bill Sloan (COMIX)


Support EGU 2008 Annual Meeting for young scientists (PhDs and Postdocs)

Place: Vienna, Austria

Date: 13-18 April 2008

Postersession: BG1.1 Challenges in Biodiversity Science in Europe(EuroDIVERSITY)

 The EUROCORES Programme and COST have organised a Townhall meeting, “European Cooperation in Geosciences and Environmental Sciences: ESF & COST opportunities” (TM3) Union 2008 General Assembly, on Tuesday 15 April 2008, 19:00-20:30, room #5.

For more info, please check the Programme.

Organiser: Dr. Inge Jonckheere (ESF)


Workshop Current Perspectives in Functional Ecology

Place: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Date: 15-17 April 2008

Organiser: Dr. David Gowing (BEGIN)


Workshop on Metacommunity Dynamics and Biodiversity

Place: Odalgarden, Uppsala, Sweden

Date: 12-16 May 2008

Organiser: Prof. Jan Bengtsson (AGRIPOPES) and Luc De Meester (BIOCYCLE)

EURECO – 11th European Ecological Conference of the European Ecological Federation jointly with the GFOE – 38th Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Place: Leipzig, Germany

Date: 15-19 September 2008

Organiser: Prof. Michael Kleyer (ASSEMBLE)

Download here the EuroDIVERSITY Sessions


Complex Systems and Changes: ESF-COST  Frontiers of Science Event

'Water and Life'

Place: Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Date: 29-31 October 2008

Life on Earth is based, in its most simple form, on a few key chemical components, and the main one is Water. Water plays a pivotal role in many complex systems studied in the natural sciences. But at the present time, water is also a threatened resource that will pose socio-economic and strategic challenges in the near future.This joint ESF-COST event was dedicated to the link between water and life in all its diversity and complexity.

For more info: see the event website



Workshop on Microbial diversity and Ecosystem functioning

Place: WasserCluster, Lunz, Austria

Date: 7-11 March 2007

Organiser: Dr. Tom Battin (COMIX)

EGU General Assemblee 2007  Open session: BG0.2 Biodiversity science in Europe: new tools and strategies (EuroDIVERSITY)

Place: Vienna, Austria

Date: 15-20 April 2007

Organiser: Dr. Inge Jonckheere (ESF)


Cross-EUROCORES Activity

EuroDIVERSITY members took part in the EuroCLIMATE Workshop

"Paleo-databases: their role in modelling and reconstructing paleoclimate and understanding paleoenvironments"           

Place: Aix-en-Provence, France

Date: 7-12 May 2007

Organiser: Dr. Daniela Turk and Dr. Inge Jonckheere (ESF)


Intensive Courses and Master Classes in the framework of IALE 2007 for junior researchers

Place: Wageningen, the Netherlands

Date: 1-7 July 2007   

Organiser: Dr. Inge Jonckheere (ESF)


1st Annual EuroDIVERSITY Conference
Place: Marne-la-Vallée, France

Date: 3-5 October 2007

Organiser: Mrs. Cindy Hury and Dr. Inge Jonckheere (ESF)


AGU 2007 Fall Meeting - EuroDIVERSITY participation

Place: San Francisco, USA

Date: 10-14 December 2007

Organiser: Dr. Inge Jonckheere (ESF)