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The Final Report of EuroDYNA (click here) featuring EuroDYNA Recommendations (click here) from the scientific community to funders and scientists is now accessible.

News Coverage

  • 3rd EuroDYNA Meeting
    28-31 May 2008, the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre (near Cambridge), UK

Press releases from the event:

EuroDYNA takes lid off the genome: European researchers have made significant progress unravelling how genes are governed and why this sometimes goes wrong in disease.... more

EuroDYNA leaves healthy genomic research ecosystem as legacy: Europe’s position as a major player in genome research has been boosted by the European Science Foundation’s three-year EUROCORES programme EuroDYNA.... more

  • EuroDYNA Session at ELSO 
    1 September 2007, Dresden, Germany

Article from the meeting:

EuroDYNA starts to unlock Pandora's Box of genome function: Understanding how the genome functions is one of the major challenges in biology. No small feat one might say but the implications are manifold.... more

Click here to listen to Podcast interview with Colin Logie, organiser of EuroDYNA sub-group meeting at ELSO 2007

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Press releases

Molecular glue with new effect:
EuroDYNA researchers clarify cause of a rare developmental disorder.......more

EuroDYNA PI awarded EMBO Gold Medal.......more

EuroDYNA investigators shed light on shrinking of chromosomes......more