EuroGRAPHENE Symposium

First EuroGRAPHENE Symposium
Strasbourg 18-19 November 2010    


Following the launch of the EuroGRAPHENE programme in June 2010, the first meeting of all Project Members will take place at the Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires of the University of Strasbourg on the 18-19 November 2010.        

The EuroGRAPHENE EUROCORES programme is currently one of the largest funding initiatives in the field of graphene research in Europe with 32 funded projects and 9 associated groups across 15 countries.

The scope of this meeting is to gather all groups involved in the EuroGRAPHENE programme and allow exchanges of information and the initiation of new collaborations. The meeting will be attended by Principal Investigators and Associated Partners as well as young researchers involved in the projects. In addition, representatives from national and European Commission programmes on graphene will be present to provide the broader context and links between this and other ongoing European activities. This meeting will therefore provide an overview of the new research projects in the area of graphene in Europe and open up new perspectives for collaborations and networking.

The main focus will be on the presentation of projects and discussions on future trends and activities in this rapidly evolving field.           

The scientific topics addressed will be:

  • Graphene growth, functionalisation and characterisation
  • Fundamental properties of graphene nanostructures
  • Graphene-based electronic and spintronic devices
  • Hybrid systems and devices        

Invited speakers

  • Luigi Colombo, Texas Instruments, Dallas, United State
  • James Hone, Columbia University, New York, United States
  • Vladimir Falko, Lancaster University, United Kingdom 

Final Programme available here

Organising Committee  

  •   EuroGRAPHENE Scientific Committee
      Pertti Hakonen (ENTS)
      Karsten Horn (SpinGraph)
      Erik Janzen (EPIGRAT)
      Vincenzo Palermo (GOSPEL)
      Francois Peeters (CONGRAN)
      Vito Raineri (GRAPHIC-RF)
      Udo Schwalke (ELOGRAPH)       

  • Local Organiser Paolo Samori        

  • ESF Contacts Ana Helman (Science Officer) and Louise Kennedy (Administrator)       


The EuroGRAPHENE EUROCORES programme has the main goal of providing a platform for collaborations and networking among the research groups involved, and as such offers support to networking and dissemination activities. Local and travel expenses (up to 400 euros) for 2 EuroGRAPHENE project members per individual project will be covered. This will typically include the Principal Investigator (or Project Leader) and one young researcher (PhD or postdoc) funded through EuroGRAPHENE. Associated Partners are very welcome to attend the meeting, but due to EUROCORES rules, their expenses have to be self-supported unless they are speakers.  

NB: The meeting is open to external participants and those interested in attending should contact the ESF Office before registering.  

Registration is now CLOSED. 

Practical Information      

NB: The organisers will contact registered participants the week beginning 8th November to confirm hotel reservations etc., and to give more detailed information on the local logistics.

Travel - How to get to Strasbourg

Venue - The Symposium will be held mainly at the Institut de Science et d'Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS) which is part of the University of Strasbourg, with some additional small meetings at the ESF Offices.

A group booking has been made at the Hotel Hannong in Strasbourg city center. When completing your online registration to participate in the symposium you will also be asked to enter your hotel requirements and the ESF Office will manage the reservations.