EuroQUAM Governing Bodies

The programme is overseen by a Management Committee composed of representatives from each national EUROCORES funding agency (EFA) taking part in the EuroQUAM Programme.

Full proposals were peer-reviewed. External Referees were selected from suggestions provided by, and in agreement with, the participating Funding Agencies. Based on the results of the peer-review, the Review Panel recommended and prioritised the best applications for funding by the national Funding Agencies.

The actual funding awarded to the proposals recommended by the international EuroQUAM Review Panel depended on the total amount of funds made available by EFA supporting the Programme.  The use of funds is subject to the national laws of each country as well as to the internal rules of each EFA.

Once the CRPs are funded and launched, the ESF supports successful applicants involved in this EUROCORES Programme by networking the CRPs.  This is expected to facilitate the exchange of information, communication and discussion of the results. Towards this aim, targeted activities will be organised during the Programme‚Äôs lifetime. Web-based resources will also be developed to support the exchange of technical information and expertise and to promote collaborative interactions between European researchers working in this field.

The EuroQUAM Scientific Committee is made up of the EuroQUAM Project Leaders and the EUROCORES Programme Coordinator.