Programme Structure

The programme was overseen by a Management Committee (MC) formed by one representative of each of the participating national funding agencies and the EUROCORES Programme Coordinator in Medical Sciences. The Administrator of the EUROCORES Programme provided support to the Management Committee and attended the meetings.

An independent international Review Panel (RP) formed of leading experts in the field, with a mandate from the funding agencies, oversaw the scientific aspects of the programme.

ESF supported networking activities to facilitate communication between the different projects, leading to an effective exchange of information and dissemination of results.  To this aim, scientific workshops, conferences, symposia and training sessions were organised during EuroSTRESS lifetime.  Web-based resources were used to support the exchange of technical and scientific information and expertise, and to promote effective collaborations with other European researchers working in the field.

Until the end of 2008, scientific coordination and networking was funded through the EC FP6 Programme, under contract no. ERAS-CT-2003-980409. As of 2009, the National Funding Organisations provided the funding for the scientific coordination and networking in addition to the research funding.