EuroCLIMATE Committees

The EUROCORES Programme EuroCLIMATE ensures its quality by using a number of committees to review the progress and management of the programme.

Management Committee

The management committee consists of one representative (science agency/manager) from each EUROCORES Funding Agency (EFA) plus the ESF Programme Coordinator. The purpose of the committee is to provide overall direction of the programme.

Review Panel

The review panel consists of independent experts who play a key role in the Review Process.


The EuroCLIMATE Programme will run for a minimum of five years with an expected start to research funding in 2005.

The programme is overseen by a Management Committee formed from representatives of each national funding agency taking part. 

The actual funding of the applications recommended by the international Review Panel depends on the total amount of money made available in each country by the national funding agencies supporting the programme.  The use of funds is subject to the national laws of each country as well as to the internal rules of each national funding agency.

Once the Collaborative Research projects are launched, the ESF supports successful applicants involved in this EUROCORES Programme by networking them.  This is expected to facilitate the exchange of information, communication and discussion of the results. Towards this aim, targeted workshops are organised during the programme's lifetime. Web-based resources are also developed to support the exchange of technical information, reagents and expertise and to promote collaborative interactions between European researchers working in this area.

The EuroCLIMATE programme is financed by funding agencies from 11 European countries: FWF, Austria; FWO and FNRS, Belgium; ACR, Czech Republic; FNU, Denmark; AKA, Finland; CNRS, France; DFG, Germany; NWO, the Netherlands; FCT, Portugal; MCyT, Spain; VR, Sweden and by the European Science Foundation (ESF) under the EUROCORES Programmes, with support by the European Commission, DG Research (Sixth Framework Programme, contract ERAS-CT-2003-980409).