Networking Activities in 2008 sponsored or co-sponsored by EuroCLIMATE

EuroCLIMATE Final Conference
29-30 September 2008, Presqu'île de Giens, France


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2nd Joint European Stable Isotope Users group Meeting (JESIUM Conference 2008): Advances in the use of Stable Isotopes.
31 August-5 September 2008, Presqu'île de Giens, France.
Contact: Joël Savarino

EuroCLIMATE at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2008
13-18 April 2008, Vienna, Austria
EuroCLIMATE open session
BG1.2 Climate variability and the carbon cycle (past, present and future): The EuroCLIMATE Programme on multi-proxy reconstructions and coupled climate models at European and regional scales (also listed in CL).
For more information, click here.

Spring School on Late Quaternary Timescales and Chronology
20-26 April 2008, Piran, Slovenia
Contact: Barbara Wohlfarth

Past Events 2006-2007

Global Environmental Change: the role of the Artic Region
ESF-VR-FORMAS Conference on Global Change Research
13-17 October 2007, Utsikten Meetings, Nynäshamn (near Stockholm), Sweden

START-ESF Summer School on African Paleoperspectives
20-24 August 2007, Nairobi&Taveta, Kenya
Contact: Dirk Verschuren

Workshop: Atmospheric CO2, ocean acidification, and ecological changes in planktonic calcifying organisms.
26-28 September 2007, Barcelona, Spain
Contact: Patrizia Ziveri

EuroCLIMATE at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2007
15-20 April 2007, Vienna, Austria
EuroCLIMATE open session
Climate variability and the carbon cycle (past, present and future)
The session host: Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal Lecture by EuroCLIMATE-CHALLACEA PI, Jaap Sinninghe Damste, Organic proxies for reconstruction of microbial evolution, past climatic and palaeoenvironmental conditions.  
Two Outstanding Young Scientist Lectures: Stoll, H.M.; Shimizu, N.; Archer, D.; Ziveri, P.Using coccolith chemistry to track coccolithophore productivity response to the PETM. Sluijs, A. Early Paleogene transient global warming events, carbon cycle dynamics, biomarkers, and dinoflagellates – a potent mix.  
ESF sponsored TM05 US5 "get-together" reception: European Cooperation in a global context.   
Support for EuroCLIMATE Junior Researchers:
In agreement with the EuroCLIMATE Scientific Committee, the ESF office solicited from the Principal Investigators and Associated Partners suggestions for names of EuroCLIMATE junior researchers to be sponsored by ESF to give a presentations during the 2007 EGU.

Back to the future! From past climates to future biodiversity: ESF-coordinated EUROCORES Programmes in Geo- and Environmental Sciences for Europe.
You can download the article here go to website

Palaeo-databases: their role in modelling and reconstructing palaeoclimate and understanding palaeoenvironments,
9-13 May 2007
Arbois, Aix-en-Provence, France.
A report can be found here

Radiocarbon and ice-core chronologies during Glacial and deglacial times
5-7 March 2007
Heidelberg Academy of Sciences, Heidelberg, Germany.
A report can be found here

Environmental Proxies: From Inorganic Precipitation to Biocrystallization
ESF/EuroCLIMATE-EuroMinScI/ESRF Workshop
30-31 October 2006, ESRF, Grenoble, France.

Advancing Capacity to Support Climate Change Adaptation (ACCCA)
Outline proposals are invited for climate change adaptation projects to participate in the ACCCA project. Information about the ACCCA project, the call for proposals, and an application form are available here
The call is available for download go to website

Past Millennia Climate Variability: proxy based reconstructions, Modelling and Methodology - Synthesis and Outlook"
7-10 June 2006, Wengen, Switzerland.

HOLIVAR 2006 Open Science meeting: "Natural Climate Variability and Global Warming" 
12-15 June 2006, Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London, United Kingdom.

Summer school "Towards ecosystem oceanography: Identification and modelling of controls in marine ecosystems"
18-28 June 2006, Dragerup, Denmark .
Co-organised by the Ecosystem Approach to Marine Resources (WP6) group within the EUR-OCEANS Network of Excellence, and SLIP/Fishnet. It is endorsed and sponsored by GLOBEC.

ESF Research Conference: ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Conference Series for Young Researchers on Climate Change
24 to 29 June 2006, Nynäshamn, Sweden.

4-7 October 2006, Bologna, Italy

PAGES / CLIVAR workshop: "Abrupt changes and the 8.2 ka event"
24-27 October 2006, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Workshop co-organised with the UK RAPID Programme.

ESSP Open Science Conference
9-12 November 2006, Beijing, China

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