EuroCLIMATE Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs)

Development, calibration and application of independent salinity proxies
(PaleoSalt, FP02)

Dynamic European Climate-Vegetation Impacts and Interactions

Evaluation of the Ca Isotope System (d44Ca) in Carbonate Polymorphs as a new Proxy for Seawater Temperature and Secular Variations of Ca Concentration and Fractionation throughout Earth history

Dendrochronology, 14C time-scale and mechanism of rapid climate change during the last deglaciation
(TREE_14, FP14)

New isotopic tracers of the chemistry-climate relationship

High-resolution reconstruction of late-Glacial and Holocene climate variability in equatorial East Africa based on laminated lake sediments from Mt. Kilimanjaro

Decadal Holocene and late-glacial variability of the oxygen isotopic composition in precipitation over Europe reconstructed from deep-lake sediments (DECLAKES, FP29)

Rapid climatic and environmental shifts during oxygen isotope stages (OIS) 2 and 3 - linking high-resolution terrestrial, ice core and marine archives

Quaternary marine ecosystem response to fertilization: Mediterranean sapropel events and implications for marine carbon uptake
(MERF, FP35)