Project title

Crustal architecture and evolution of the conjugate volcanic margins off mid-Norway and East Greenland in a total rift context
Forcing of carbonate mounds and deep water coral reefs along the NW european continental margin (MOUNDFORCE)
Earthquake and tsunami hazards of active faults at the South Iberian Margin: deep structure, high-resolution imaging and paleoseismic signature (SWIM)
Links between sequence stratigraphy and the mineralogical, geochemical, and reservoir quality evolution of deep-marine clastic sediments
European carbonate margins as recorders of past global change: Cretaceous ’greenhouse’ versus Carboniferous ’coldhouse’ examples
The role of mantle-crust interaction in the early phases of passive margin development: the case of the Vøring Plateau, NE Atlantic
Slope stability on Europe’s passive continental margins (SPACOMA)
Swath-seismic mapping of European continental margins (SWATHSEIS)
Lithospheric memory and tectonic (re)activation of volcanic rifted margins and their borderlands: quantitative modelling of north-western european margin system dynamics (NEMSDYN)
Sedimentation processes on the Portuguese margin: the role of continental climate, ocean circulation, sea level, and neotectonics (SEDPORT)
Transition from a continental to an oceanic rift: geology and bio-geochemistry of the Northern Red Sea
Imaging the western mediterranean margins: a key target to understand the interaction between deep and shallow processes (WESTMED)
An integrated study of seepage through the seabed of the Nile deep-sea fan (MEDIFLUX)
Tectonic control, deep crustal structure and fluid escape pathways in the Gulf of Cadiz Mud Volcanic Field (MVEIS)